Nutritional Blood Analysis

Amelia Island, Florida – Have you ever seen the cells of your blood moving around on a video screen? And how that can help increase your health? Well, a drop of blood, a high powered microscope and a technician could be a recipe for good heath, according to Bub Cronin.
Cronin is a live cell morphologist. He studies cells and organs when they morph or change. Four years ago, he founded Nutrional Blood Analysis Research Group which travels around Florida and parts of Georgia and Alabama offering this painless and informative nutritional analysis.
It all started for Cronin when his father was diagnosed with colon cancer years ago and subsequently died from chemotherapy. Cronin wanted to find a way to give people as much information as he could about what might be going on inside them. “Everything starts in the digestive tract,” Cronin said. “Medical doctors don’t often diagnose digestion.”
“Many of our customers have tried a strictly medical approach, but for whatever reasons, they got onto the Internet looking for alternatives. Often they come in with a list of things they have questions about,” Buster Beaton said. “Our customers tend to take more of a hands on approach to their own health and really appreciate good information.” Buster owns Nassau Health Foods and will host Nutritional Blood Analysis on May 22, 2012. “They were here a couple of months ago and people, myself included, learned a lot,” Beaton said.
The technician pricks your finger and puts a tiny drop of blood on a microscope slide equipped with the ability to show you on a screen what he sees on the slide. Things like undigested proteins, toxins, fungus, yeast and sugar build ups, parasites, uric acids, signs of dehydration and other potential problems.
“We prefer not to know our clients,” Cronin says. “That way we just dit down for thirty minutes and show them what we see happening under the microscope. We don’t diagnose or prescribe,” Cronin said. “We say, ‘This is what I see in the blood and this is what I would do to fix it.’ ” Perhaps a mild colon-cleanse or some digestive enzymes might be recommended.
NBA is an independent company and not beholden to any particular product or company. Cronin works with approximately 70 health-food stores and a few medical and chiropractic offices. NBA will be at Nassau Health Foods, 833 T.J. Courson Road on May 22nd  from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. The cost if $50 and you can call 277-3158 to set up an appointment or for further information.